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Bishop knoll is a great woodland that connects to Old Sneed nature reserve and Bennetts Patch and Whites Paddock. The wood is part of the woodland trust and boasts a variety of trees and plants. If you are interested in learning the different types, there are plaques on the trees and within the plants that tell you what they are. 

There are also dens that have been constructed within the wood that are great for kids. There are some steep steps up or down depending on the path you take which connect to the bottom or top path and back around to the entrance. The wood used to be an arboretum and terraced garden so there are some old buildings and walls within the woods which are great for photos.

The path is not suitable for accessibility or buggies. There are also steep steps so it is recommended you should only go if you have no conditions that hinder your walking. There are no toilets, bins or benches here. You can access the woodland directly from Bramble drive or via Old Sneed nature reserve. There is only street parking available at both of these entrances. 

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Bishop knoll - image 1

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