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Canford park is a lovely park that offers something for everyone. There is a beautiful garden patch, big playground and big field. The garden offers a variety of flowers with a pond in the middle. The playground has a range of equipment from zip wires to rope climbs and slides. There is also a sandpit at the back of the park. There is a mixture of baby swings and regular swings and the playground can be used by both older and younger children. The field is a great place to play sport such as football or rounders and is an ideal spot for a picnic. 

There is a tarmac path round the outside of the path which means the area is accessible all year round. There is parking outside the park on the road. There are numerous benches and bins in the park which help keep it clean and tidy. 

Note: There are no toilets here. 

Canford park is a short distance Westbury on Tyrm high street. There are a variety of shops here which can help with a last minute picnic in the park. 

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 Canford Park - image 1

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