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Castle park is situated in the heart of the city centre and offers some tranquillity within the hustle and bustle of the city.  The left side of the park runs alongside the town centre and offers a range of shops. Whilst the right side runs along the river Avon. 

It boasts huge green spaces for any occasion. There is some street parking which you need to pay for to one side of the park, and a multi-storey car park directly opposite which is used by the shoppers. Again, you have to pay to use this.  

There are plenty of bins and benches dotted around and a small café near the church which serves hot drinks and snacks and offers seating. There are no direct toilets in the park however there are plenty in the shopping centre. 

The church is not open to the public however there is a beautiful flower garden to the right side of the church which is full of hundreds of flowers. The church also has a water feature behind it which in the summer is a great place for kids to splash around in. 

There are multiple paths through the park which lead to town or down the river towards the harbour front. There is also a windy bridge you can cross to the other side of the river which offers more shops and restaurants. 

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