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Clifton and Durdham downs are together known as the downs. They are situated within Clifton and run alongside the River Avon. The downs shows off the picturesque sights of Bristol and offers great views of the suspension bridge with plenty of viewing points for photos. 

There is a park by the bridge which includes climbing frame, swings and slides. Behind the bushes of the park are some smooth angled stones which are used by the locals to slide down. The downs also offer an observatory and caves which can be entered for a small fee. Prices can be found at

There is a small café located within the centre of the downs which sell sandwiches, hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks. There are also some toilets here. 

There are plenty of benches and bins around the downs so feel free to take a seat and soak up the views. The huge space means it is great for any activity. The downs is close to the Bristol zoo which is great to entertain the kids. 

Clifton and Durdham downs - image 1Clifton and Durdham downs - image 2
Clifton and Durdham downs - image 1

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