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If you’re looking for somewhere to entertain your kids this is the place. There is not only a large playground with equipment for all ages but also a large skatepark and multiple fields. 

Filton Skatepark is situated just off the A38 next to Filton leisure centre. There is no car park directly for the park however you can park in the leisure centre car park which overlooks the space.  The spaces within this car park are however limited and on a weekend it can be very busy so you may have to park on the road leading to the sports centre or across the road in the car park at Filton retail park. 

The playground has a wide range of equipment swings to slides to zip wires. The playground has different sized equipment to suit children of all ages. There is outdoor gym equipment next to the playground which includes arm machines, dip bar and cross trainer. The skatepark has multiple ramps and a bowl.  The fields surrounding the playground are a good area for any outdoor sport and a great spot for a picnic. 

There are no toilets here although there are some in the leisure centre. There are a few bins dotted around but limited seating. 

Filton Skatepark - image 1Filton Skatepark - image 2
Filton Skatepark - image 1

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