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Mead park offers a wonderful playground with a mixture of equipment for any age. It has a smaller enclosed playground for younger children, a outside gym and a slide, climbing frame and hanging seesaw for older children dotted around. There is also a table tennis table (you need to take your own bats and ball). 

There is a small car park directly in the park. It only fits about 4 to 5 cars so can get very busy during dry days. Another place to park is on Ratcliffe drive and walking down the side roads to the park. There are various entrances to the park through these side roads.

There is a tarmac path round the edge of the park which offers plenty of benches for a sit down. The park also offers well-trodden paths through the small wood to the left of the park. There are lots of bins to keep the park tidy but there are no toilets here.

Mead Park - image 1Mead Park - image 2
Mead Park - image 1Mead Park - image 2

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