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Shirehampton park is a great space for a family walk. It offers woods, fields and a great open walk along the River Avon. 

The wood is rather hilly and is not suitable for those who struggle with hills and buggies. It is not accessible friendly. If you follow the woods round and up the steep stairs to the other side, there is a big field which is great to run around or throw a ball for your dog. 

However, if you take the first left out of the woods you follow a narrow path past the rugby club and under the railway bridge. The path leads you into a beautiful open space giving excellent views of the River Avon and the green fields of Ham green. The path goes all the way along the river and takes you into another field by the River Trym. This is a great long walk and there are numerous spots to stop and have a picnic. The river has a few small boats which are docked and add to the scenic views. 

There are no bins here only dog bins and there are no benches however a picnic blanket will do you just fine in the summer months. There are no toilets here and parking is on the road on the A4 Portway by Portway rugby development. 

Shirehampton Park - image 1
Shirehampton Park - image 1

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