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Stoke park is a beautiful area full of woodlands and fields. It has views of Bristol and is located next to Cheswick village. 

There are numerous woodlands here which offer plenty of shade in the summer months and have several paths running through them which show off the fabulous flowers and trees the area has to offer. The woods also included unique woodland carvings within some of the trees and there are many low trees which are great for the kids to climb on. 

There are several fields in Stoke park and each offers a different view of Bristol. You can walk to many places from Stoke park including, Cheswick village, Snuff mills, Lockleaze or St Agnes. There is no dedicated parking here however there is some free street parking at several places around the park. The main parking would be outside the front of the park on the Jellicoe Avenue or Parnell road. 

There are not many bins within the park however there are a few dotted around the outside. There are a few benches spread across the park also. 

There is a huge fishing lake at the bottom of the park known as the Duchess pond. There park also shows off the yellow Dower house built in 1563 for private house however it is now flats.  

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