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Tuneful Tigers - Clevedon

Groups & Classes

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Tuneful Tigers have a range of different classes available for different ages around Bristol. All sessions provide a safe and warming environment for your little ones. With all sessions lasting approximately 40 minutes and including refreshments .

Cuddly Cubs 

This class is best for children who are between birth and walking.

From early on babies are developing their musical ear. At cuddly cubs they create an stimulating musical environment through songs and fascinating sounds as well as lots of interaction and colourful sensory props. 

 Tuneful Tots 

This is best for children who are 2 years old or under who can walk.

Now your little ones are up on their feet and exploring why not visit Tuneful Tots where they can enjoy playing their own percussion instruments and learn how to respond and express to music they hear. 


Roaring Rascals - Age 2-4

Now your little ones are between 2 and 4 years old  why not take them to the roaring rascals where they can enjoy dancing and singing as well as composing their own music and understanding musical patterns. 

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