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Are you looking for the best parties in Bristol? We've got just the thing!

Kids Party (5-17)

Adult Party (18+)

Parties start in your own special party room, where you'll meet up with all your friends and listen to a safety briefing from one of our party coordinators. Then, it's time to climb! You'll have an hour of nonstop thrills and excitement. Ascending daunting overhangs, battling your way to the heavens, hopping up the teetering towers and racing up the speed walls! 

After this, you’ll be ushered back to the party room to enjoy freshly cooked pizza hot out of the pizza oven. 🍕

Squash is included and unlimited. 🍹

(Cake is not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own, of course).

You can book this all online or call if you prefer, and we'll arrange everything over the phone.

Crazy Climb Bristol - image 1
Crazy Climb Bristol - image 1

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