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Definitely a spot to visit at sunrise or sunset as the views are simply stunning. The fields offer a scenic view of severn bridge and the Almondsbury area. The fields can be accessed via multiple routes: Almondsbury garden centre, Aztec west or Bristol Rugby club. 

There are several fields here which provide a perfect place for any activity. There is a wood situated within the heart of the fields. The woods are beautiful and peaceful and are full of flowers and wildlife. 

You can cross the bridge over the motorway to Aztec west where there are two large ponds full of ducks, geese and swans. There is also a small wood and a large field this side. As well as a BMX park for all bikers. There are smaller ramps for kids and larger ones for adults. 

You can park for free at Almondsbury garden centre and Bristol rugby club. There is no parking at Aztec west. 

There are toilets in the garden centre and the rugby club however you have to be a member to use these toilets. 

There are not many bins in the area so you do need to take your rubbish with you. There are a few benches by the duck ponds at Aztec west but apart from that there aren’t any, however the grass in the fields is cut regularly so you can take a seat almost anywhere in the fields. 

Almondsbury fields and Aztec - image 1
Almondsbury fields and Aztec - image 1

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