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Badocks wood is a great woodland in the middle of Southmead.  The wood boasts a mixture of fields and wood and has a small stream that runs along the bottom. There are various paths around the park both tarmac, stone and well-trodden paths. 

The paths take you in a loop around the wood. They take you past a huge open field which is great for catching some sun or having a picnic and down to the bottom of the woods where the stream runs. There are various well-trodden paths around the wood and even some rope swings. There is no playground here however Southmead playground is at the top of the wood to the right. It can be accessed from Doncaster road. The tarmac path is accessible friendly. 

There are various benches and bins in the park and there are two entrances. One on Doncaster road and the other via Lake road. Parking on the street and can be limited on weekends when the park is busy. 

 Badocks Wood - image 1 Badocks Wood - image 2 Badocks Wood - image 3
 Badocks Wood - image 1 Badocks Wood - image 2

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