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Old Sneed Nature Reserve

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Old Sneed nature reserve is a great place which boasts a variety of wildflowers and includes a lake full of ducks. There is a stone path down past the lake and to the field where well-trodden paths take you around the field and into a small wood or down to the Portway. 

The lake is fenced off however you can use the gate to go through onto the wooden platforms and feed the hungry ducks. The field is full of wildflowers in the late spring and offers a great place to explore with kids. To the right of the field is a wood which has a great trodden path and takes you back up to the top of the reserve. The wood has a wide range of trees and plants. If you go to the left of the field, you can walk into Bishops knoll or down to Bennetts Patch and Whites Paddock. 

There is one bench at the top of the reserve and one bin here also. There are no other benches or bins in the reserve so you need to take a blanket and your rubbish home if you fancy a picnic in the field. There are no toilets here.  Parking is on Glenavon park road. There is a small green sign on the left side in between houses which guide you down to the reserve.

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