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Welcome to Heart Within Yoga,  we are passionate about delivering Therapeutic yoga for children and young adults with special needs. We have a simple vision to help others, especially those with additional needs, to break the physical and mental boundaries and live life to the fullest.

Heart Within Yoga goes beyond traditional yoga practices by integrating sensory and visual  resources, modelling and modifying yoga poses, social stories and creative games.

We pride ourselves on being a unique company that helps to unlock the true potential that resides within every child.

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NEW COMING SOON: Classes starting from 14th September 5pm - 6.00pm every Thursday 

Heart Within  Yoga is proud to announce new,  regular yoga classes for children with additional  needs, where we are going to practise ‘Body Awareness and calming the Nervous System Therapeutic Yoga ’.
We will focus on sensory body warm up, breathing techniques, calming and modifying Yoga poses, grounding relaxation, bubble meditation, sensory yoga story, sensory yoga game and plus lots of fun.
This will be particularly beneficial for children who struggle with anxiety and self regulation.

To book the session contact Edy:
Tel. 07933603396

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