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Three Brooks Nature Reserve

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Three brooks are a great nature reserve which does a 3 mile loop through Bradley stoke, Baileys court and Little stoke. It offers a variety of woods, fields and paths as well as a stream and large pond full of ducks. 

There is a stone path all the way through the nature reserve. If you start at primrose bridge the path will be to the left-hand side of the stream. However, if you go right there is are various well-trodden paths through the field and woods. Follow either path or they join together heading towards the duck pond. You can walk through an orchard and there is a big hill to climb if you wish. The duck pond is past this hill. You can get to it either via the path or the hill. The duck pond is usually full of ducks all year round and some have said they have spotted otters there also. There are some picnic benches here which makes it a great picnic spot. 

Once you reach the duck pond there only becomes one path which you can follow all the way round to the Jubilee centre. Here there is a small playground which is great for kids. It offers slides, wooden climbing frame, swings and a sand pit. 

There are numerous benches dotted along the path and numerous poo bins, however regular bins are limited and there is only a couple by the duck pond. There is no parking as such for the nature reserve however you can access the nature reserve at various points. These being Bradley Stoke Aldi (park in the car park and cross the road to the footpath which is right at the start of the nature reserve,  Bradley Stoke leisure centre (Park in the car park and access directly to the woods behind), Bradon Avenue (Park along the road here and cross over to the wooded path). There are no toilets in the nature reserve. 

Three Brooks Nature Reserve - image 1Three Brooks Nature Reserve - image 2
Three Brooks Nature Reserve - image 1Three Brooks Nature Reserve - image 2

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